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Ena Friedrich – International Interview

The beautiful ‘n sexy Croatian Ena Friedrich, was super nice to us, the Dexaketo, answered some questions for us about her life as a Playboy model and about his desire to visit Brazil. Read the interview. Now I can say, I love Ena ‘n I Love Croatia!

When did you start your modeling career? What were the main difficulties you faced in your modeling career? As PLAYBOY appeared in your life? What changed in your career with the entrance of PLAYBOY in your life? 

I started to work as a model about two years ago. I have not experienced any difficulties in my model career if we are not considering  jealousy and some moral sermons as one. First offer to try myself as a model gave me photographer which worked for Playboy magazine. Till then i haven’t done any professional photoshoot and never thought of myself as adequate material for cover of any magazine. In those days my main occupation was college. But I loved the idea. We did lot of shootings for other magazines, calendars and other commercials when Croatian issue of Playboy magazine finally appeared in November last year. Nothing much changed honestly, because i was working for a while as an erotic model and everyone were aware of it.

Have you been brunette, blonde, redhead, which “ENA” is more beautiful to you? Do You ever been to Brazil before? Someday, do you want to come? How to be the world’s sexiest Croatian? What message, you let for your fans from Brazil and the world?

 I’ve been redheaded, brunette, blonde, even blue, black, and half black –half red. I like to change my hair color, but I guess I’m most satisfied with the one I have now – blondish, although most people pick black  as the most suitable for me. I’ve never been in Brazil, but i’d love to go, and taking in consideration that I love to travel and I believe I’ll visit it once. A year ago i appeared  in Brazil reality and God i wanted to go back there with those guys. I believe that im not a sexiest or prittiest Croatian, but it seems that  I’m one of the bravest women in my country and not intimidated with conservative environment while I’m doing what i love to do. I would love to tell them that erotic and body shoudn’t be tabu. Enjoy art, erotic and beauty with free mind. Try to see aestheti side not sins while you seeing our work. Thank you all for your love and support. Kisses from Europe.

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